With Hand & Heart: Portrait of Southwest Native American Artists

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With Hand & Heart: Portrait of SW Native

( 27:16 )

Among the native peoples who inhabit the unforgiving rocky landscape of the American Southwest, a tradition of magnificent ceramics and crafts has evolved for over a thousand years. The artists’ striking, imaginative designs respond to a spiritual as well as a practical desire to create an equilibrium between their life and the inhospitable landscape they inhabit. Visit Native American communities in New Mexico and Arizona, inhabited by the Hohokan, Mogollan, and Anasazi peoples. We are introduced to bold designs and art forms, ranging from stunning vases and bowls to hand-woven Navajo blankets to storyteller figures. With Hand and Heart introduces us to an intensely personal and spiritual art form. Features Lucy Lewis, Jody Falwell, Margaret Tafoya, Toni Roller, Fannie Nampeyo, Thomas Polacca, Mary Reed, and Helen Cordero. A film by Bill and DeAnn Snider.