Printmaking: Basic Techniques

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Printmaking: Basic Tech (Flores)

( 25:05 )

Peggy Flores explains and demonstrates relief printing by using flat cardboard, styrofoam, and string which are glued onto cardboard, painted, and inked. She also carves on vinyl blocks to create images which she then prints. The film also demonstrates a variety of simple tools such as brayers, carving tools, and bench hooks. Many student prints are also shown. Look for other Peggy Flores titles from Crystal Productions including Creating Cultural Art, Optical Illusions: How to Create Them, Aboriginal Art: How to Create It, Self-Portraits, Paper Mosaics, Papier-Mâché Sculpture, Gargoyles: How to Create Them, Tissue Paper Creations, Creating with Crayons, and more.

"Printmaking: Basic Techniques" is comprehensive, 'user friendly', and a highly recommended addition to personal, school, and community library Art Studies reference collections and curriculum supplementation" The Midwest Book Review