Frank Lloyd Wright: Masterpieces

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Frank Lloyd Wright: Masterpieces - Volume 1

( 01:34:34 )

A comprehensive insight into the achievements of one of the world’s greatest architects.

Part 1 Starting with the Chicago School, we see Wright’s creation of the Prairie House and examples including the Martin House, the Frick House, and the Robie House. 21 minutes. Part 2 Part 2 explores Wright’s California homes as well as Taliesin East, Broadacre City, the Usonian Houses, the Price Tower, Fallingwater, and the Johnson Wax Buildings. 25 minutes. Part 3 Buildings in this segment include Florida Southern College, the Greek Orthodox Church, the Marin County Civic Center, and the Guggenheim Museum. 23 minutes. Part 4 Taliesin West, the First Christian Church Congregation, and the Beth Shalom Synagogue are featured. The program concludes with contemporary buildings strongly influenced by Wright’s Designs. 25 minutes.