Dropping in on Grant Wood

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Dropping in on Grant Wood

( 18:47 )

Puffer interviews Grant Wood in this fun and informative animated video developed especially for young viewers. Learn about Wood’s life, his heroes, his interest in the countryside, and his regionalist artwork which includes the famous American Gothic, Parson Weem’s Fable, Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Fall Plowing, Stone City, and Spring in Town. Young viewers and adults alike will enjoy the light-hearted approach taken with Dropping in on Grant Wood. The program combines animation sequences with details and full-screen images of actual masterworks. Characters in the video pose open-ended questions that prompt viewers of all ages to make their own critical analyses and interpretations of the works of art. A companion book of the same name is available and reinforces the material presented in the video. Written by Pam Stephens Animated by Jim McNeill

"Strongly recommended" Children's Book Watch

"Lively production!" Arts and Activities

This introduction to a fascinating artist and to art appreciation would be very useful in elementary art classes" School Library Journal