Discovering Drawing

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Discovering Drawing

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The author of the book, Discovering Drawing, and a dynamic artist and teacher, Ted Rose demonstrates how your students can make successful drawings and learn the basic skills to create art. Using simple subjects like boxes, paper bags, and a chair, Rose emphasizes the techniques of line, stroke, and tone to establish negative space, the object, and ground for an effective composition. The demonstrations include the following: • Developing Line, Stroke, and Tone • Establishing Object, Ground, and Negative Space • Establishing Composition • Exploring Perspective • Utilizing Perspective in an Urban Environment • How to Approach Landscapes • Development of Figure Drawing • Integrating Drawing and Painting. A set of 10 Drawing Posters complements the video and is available from Crystal Productions.

"If you would like to add to your video library a series of sound and traditional drawing lessons, this production would fill the need." School Arts

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