Creating Cultural Art

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Creating Cultural Art

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Peggy Flores shows a variety of different art forms that rely on indigenous materials. She then demonstrates variations of these cultural arts with readily available art materials. Using crayons, paint, markers, and pencil, she demonstrates bark painting, tapa cloths, Celtic knots and designs, decorative letters, milagros, and wycinanki. Student examples are also shown. Look for other Peggy Flores titles from Crystal Productions including Printmaking: Basic Techniques, Optical Illusions: How to Create Them, Aboriginal Art: How to Create It, Self-Portraits, Paper Mosaics, Gargoyles: How to Create Them, Tissue Paper Creations, Creating with Crayons, and more.

"As our world and the interactions of people from all countries converge it is increasingly important to understand our neighbors. Learning about various cultures' artistic expressions is a wonderful step toward international understanding" Arts and Activitites

"Flores demonstrates easy, step-by-step instructions on using materials to create special effects such as textures, and how to apply, transfer, and color them. She also teaches vocabulary and historical references in the beginning of each lesson. This video is recommended for younger-level students through middle school." School Arts

"It is noted in the introduction that ""art is a link to the past and a gift to the future,"" and these projects are a key to that future." Arts and Activities