Art Is...Pencil Drawing

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Art Is...Pencil Drawing

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Beginning with contour and accent lines, Gail Price carefully leads viewers through the basic techniques that will create ten dynamic pencil drawings. She uses a diverse selection of pencils, papers, and techniques to produce a variety of drawings and subjects. The artist also shows techniques that produce texture and value — scumble, smudge, kneaded eraser, stipple, hatching and crosshatching, accent line — and combines these techniques in a final drawing. Drawing Methods is also available and complements this program.

"Fast moving and comprehensive this video will be an asset to any academic, public, or special collection. Teachers, students, and beginning artists will find them informative, instructive, and enjoyable." Library Journal

"****Overall, this is a nice, simple production. It's a good choice for self-instruction in drawing and gives the viewers a lot of ideas to try, not just a follow-the-leader approach to drawing." Video Rating Guide