Art Is...Maskmaking with Clay

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Art Is...Maskmaking with Clay

( 24:28 )

Peggy Flores shows how to create colorful and decorative masks from clay. She starts with a clay slab which is then placed over a form to create the basic face shape. She then develops the facial features including eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and lips. After the clay dries, it is placed in an electric kiln. The mask is completed by painting and adding raffia, yarn, pipe cleaners, and feathers for the hair and to decorate the finished mask. This program also includes many examples of student masks. Maskmaking with Paper and Maskmaking with Foil are also available.

"In this video, teacher Peggy Flores demonstrates in an articulate manner the art of creating colorful and decorative masks from clay. Complete techniques and materials are shown." School Arts

"Flores recapitulates the key steps of the maskmaking process at the end of the program, and viewers are treated to looks at an assortment of student-produced masks. Like the others in this series, this program works equally well for the classroom or individuals working alone." Emergency Librarian