Art Is...Drawing Methods

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Art Is...Drawing Methods

( 25:18 )

Using felt tip markers, ink pens, colored pencils, crayons, twigs, and a palette knife and different colored and textured papers, artist Gail Price demonstrates many methods including crayon resist to enhance drawings in this fast-moving but comprehensive program. She draws a variety of subjects and at the same time shows how to use the media to hatch and crosshatch, smudge, spatter, scumble, and draw accent lines to attain a variety of values and achieve form. Pencil Drawing is also available and complements this program.

"Fast moving and comprehensive this video will be an asset to any academic, public, or special collection. Teachers, students, and beginning artists will find them informative, instructive, and enjoyable" Library Journal

"The technical quality of the video is excellent. The sound and the photography are both very clear. Closeups of the artist's workin progress are very well done. Since the video is brief and each demonstration is done very quickly, itcould be useful stimulus for students and teachers. A good choice for school and public libraries."" Video Rating Guide