Art Is...Ceramics: Basic Throwing Skills

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Art Is...Ceramics: Basic Throwing Skills

( 33:37 )

This is an excellent introduction to throwing on the wheel and illustrates wedging the clay, centering it on the wheel, and throwing a cylinder. The step-by-step demonstration with cross-sections shown for each stage clearly explains the technique of throwing a cylinder as well as a bowl. Ceramics: Throwing Functional Forms is also available and complements this program.

"It is obvious that Meadows is a skilled instructor who is very comfortable teaching beginner potters. His methods are easy to understand, and he thoroughly explains each movement as he performs it. I highly recommend this video to any beginning potter"" Pottery Production Practices.

"Close-up views make viewers feel as though they are actually throwing the pot themselves, and commentary by Meadows is excellent and to the point" Arts and Activities