Art Is...Animation in the Classroom

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Art Is...Animation in the Classroom

( 13:26 )

Daniel Knepper and Jill Smith explore simple ways to create animation without a camera. They demonstrate basic “persistence of vision” devices which allow the eye to blend images and create an illusion of motion. These devices include the thaumatrope, phenakistoscope, zoetrope, and the flip book. Students use a notepad to develop movies, characters, or objects using tracings, rubber stamps, or stencils, and learn how to make objects grow or shrink, vanish or appear, speed up or slow down, as well as the difference between limited and full animation. Computer Animation: Student Animation Showcase is also available and complements this program.

"Basic animation devices that show persistence of vision and allow the eye to blend images to create the illusion of motion are demonstrated in this intriguing video"" Arts & Activities

"The secrets and principles of motion magic are fully explained: squash and stretch, movement rates and the photocopier are shown as time-saving techniques in this excellent introduction to the art of animation." School Arts Magazine