About Us

Crystal Productions, the parent company of Crystal Digital Art, producers and distributors of art educational resources, was founded in 1979 to support and promote art education in the schools by teaching the skills, techniques, and history of art. It works to foster an understanding and knowledge of art in all cultures, and it strives to enhance the preparation of educators with respect to their knowledge of content, techniques, and learning processes, and facilitate communication among teachers. The company participates in many state and national educational association conferences annually in order to bring new materials to the attention of educators.

With continuous growth, the company has been able to maintain the highest level of quality and diversity in its product line. Crystal is unique in that it produces and publishes a number of proprietary new products each year which includes videos, prints, posters, and books using preeminent educators as consultants and developers. It also distributes high quality programs produced by distinguished educational institutes, museums, and other publishers and producers. All of its products and programs are designed to meet different aspects of the National Content Standards for the Visual Arts.